A feature on Dr. Luke in Beckers Hospital Review: Dr.Luke’s vision is Geisinger’s reality: Value based care has arrived at healthcare futurists panel

Dr. Josh Luke exploded onto the health system executive conference speaking circuit with passion in 2014 and a provocative message to health system executives “Change or Die”.

This hypothesis was based on his practical experience as both a hospital administrator and family caregiver combined with his knowledge of health policy. The resistance to his message by incumbent system executives was palpable to anyone in the room at the time. As the son of a complex care patient his Mom, through his experience as a former serial hospital administrator, and before that as a post acute facility executive, Josh brings to bear the whole personal and professional perspective from the entire continuum of care with him. Josh is on a mission. You see: America spends far more than any other country on health care. Though our outcomes are below average compared to other developed countries on many key health care quality indicators. U.S. Health care spending outpaces both GDP and inflation growth to boot.

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