Meeting planners and audiences deserve more than a speaker who simply shows up on time and delivers a great program.

Dr. Josh Luke is the speaker who delivers more.

When planners engage Dr. Luke his becomes a committed partner in making your event a resounding success.

Here are just a few examples of how Dr. Luke will help you promote your event.
Pre-Event Webinar
Are you looking to build some excitement? Ask Dr. Luke to provide a 20 minute webinar to attendees and prospects.
Social Media Support
Dr. Luke will promote his engagements with tweets and updates leading up to his appearance. And at the event, he can also “live tweet” his presentation as he’s on stage.
Additional support
– 250 Free books; additional available to buy or negotiated in
– Add on a break out or moderate a panel
– Dinner with VIP’s the night before or breakfast
– I have templated CEU for healthcare events
– Interactive pre/post-event profit share certification workshops of my certifications or Selling to Hospitals
– Video promo on LinkedIn in my Daily Video Minute