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In this news roundup, read about the books members released in the first few weeks of 2018.

To kick off the new year, these members of Forbes Coaches Council are excited to announce the launch of their books — on topics ranging from developing effective leaders to understanding the healthcare system. Below, we highlight two members and their big news.

Karima Mariama-Arthur Releases New Book, Poised For Excellence

Karima Mariama-Arthur

On January 8, Karima Mariama-Arthurreleased her new book, Poised for Excellence, which offers actionable insights on leadership effectiveness in the boardroom and beyond. In today’s constantly evolving global business ecosystem, the need to develop effective leaders is more important than ever. Organizations all around the world are searching for smart ways to build and maintain their talent pipelines. Individuals are eager to capture key skill sets to help them advance their careers and gain a competitive advantage. In Poised For Excellence, Karima shares her insights on this global challenge.

Karima is founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, an international consulting firm specializing in professional development. In her work with high performers and high potentials, as well as leading organizations around the world, Karima has observed firsthand how the principles of effective leadership can impact success at every level. She views leadership as a dynamic and complex skill set that can be developed and improved with continued practice.

In the book – available now on Amazon and Palgrave Macmillan– Karima offers astute guidance on how to develop leadership skills by mastering the principles that address performance challenges at every level and help to increase overall effectiveness.

Dr. Josh Luke Releases Book, Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery

Dr. Josh Luke

Today, Dr. Josh Luke releases his third book, titled Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery. The book is being released by Forbes Books, which will be hosting a launch party at private NYC club Forbes on 5th on January 25.

This book will be followed by the September 2018 release of Health-Wealth: Is healthcare bankrupting your Family? 9 options to save $5,000 a year.

Luke is on a mission to help American businesses and families understand how the healthcare system became broken beyond repair. He exposes the underbelly of a broken healthcare delivery system. Since resigning as a hospital CEO and becoming a full time keynote speaker, Luke has spoken to Fortune 500 Companies, national trade organizations, sales teams and churches – all with the same message: teaching Americans how to make healthcare affordable again.

Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery is available on Amazon. His prior book was an Amazon bestseller. Luke also launched the Health-Wealth podcastearlier this month.

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