Dr. Luke is the guest on the Primary Care Cures Podcast

In this episode host Ron Barshop talks to Dr. Josh Luke. He is a veteran hospital CEO, a ForbesBooks Featured Author, a leading international speaker and a faculty member at the University of Southern California. Dr. Luke’s is on a mission to use his years of knowledge and experience to help others break free from the entrapment of the current healthcare delivery model.

At age 32, Dr. Luke became a hospital CEO and has since served as the CEO of several hospitals and rehab centers. He has extensive experience in and knowledge of America’s healthcare delivery system. He is America’s Healthcare Affordability Authority.

With well over 100 speaking appearances since 2011, Dr. Luke has solidified himself as one of the most sought after voices in the healthcare affordability space. As a professional ‘Edutainer,’ he is known for his humor and use of personal stories to engage audiences and teach businesses and individuals how to save thousands annually on healthcare. Dr. Luke travels the world sharing the well-kept secrets of the healthcare industry and educating families and businesses on how to escape the healthcare affordability crisis.

Dr. Luke is the author of two Amazon #1 Best Selling books, Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare Bankrupting Your Business, published in 2018 by ForbesBooks and Ex-Acute: A former hospital CEO tells all on what’s wrong with American healthcare, What every American needs to know published in 2016

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COACH the COACH Keynote Speaker and Futurist Dr. Josh Luke

Adjunct Faculty in USC’s Sol Price School of Public Policy, Dr. Josh Luke was a longtime hospital CEO in Southern California before becoming a three time Amazon #1 Best-selling author, award winning futurist and the first healthcare expert to be named to Forbes Speakers in 2019.

While he is known for his humor and storytelling from the stage, entertaining audiences of all types, Dr. Luke provides a free copy of any of his three Amazon best-selling books to all audience members so they leave with three simple tips to save their family and your business thousands annually by eliminating wasteful healthcare spending. Hire him to speak for your event today!


This series aims to assist health plans become more successful through shared experience and best practices used by their peers in the industry. We interview executives at all levels within and without Risk Adjustment and Quality Improvement groups to share various perspectives. Our CEO, Jay Ackerman, interviews , Dr. Josh Luke, Adjunct Faculty of the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and the author of “Health-Wealth for You: 11 Steps To Save Big & Live Healthy.” Dr. Luke is an experienced hospital CEO, health system Vice President and nursing home administrator, as well as motivational speaker.

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Boomers Rock Radio Interviews Dr. Josh Luke on #Healthcare affordability

Thomas Matt, longtime host of Boomers Rock has repeat guest Dr. Josh Luke on to talk about his new book, Health-Wealth for You and how Michigonians and others can implement a 3P Plan focused on personalized and preventative medicine tactics.
The two national thought leaders discuss presenting as #keynotes for upcoming events and how engaging in the healthcare process will pay big dividends for businesses and consumers.

Dr. Luke shares how associations can save their members thousands on healthcare

Ed Rigsbee interviews Dr. Josh Luke about his new (February 2019) book, “Health-Wealth for You” DrJoshLuke.com on how association executives can deliver more affordable high-quality healthcare for their staff and members. This book is a must-read for every American adult. Learn how to be an Engaged Healthcare Consumer (EHC).

Inside Forbes Council Podcast with Dr. Josh Luke The Importance of Posting Content on LinkedIn

If you’re not posting content on LinkedIn, you are not leveraging all that the platform has to offer. Whether you’re a job seeker, an entrepreneur, or just looking to build your personal brand, you have to post. Forbes Coaches Council members Dr. Josh Luke and Lakrisha Davis share their insights and experience on the platform.

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Episode 44 Interview With Whitney Johnson Author and Social Media Disruptor

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Author and Social Media Disruptor Whitney Johnson, @JohnsonWhitney with more than 1.5 million LinkedIn Followers has twice been named a Top Influencer by LinkedIn and joins the Health-Wealth Podcast to share her heartfelt story of being faced with no health insurance, as well as how she became a leading social media influencer.

Author of the books, Disrupt Yourself, Build an A-Team and Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney also hosts the Disrupt Yourself Podcast and shares her 7 Point framework for Personal Disruption.

The Freedom Club Podcast Interviews Dr. Josh Luke Health-Wealth and your financial freedom

Hosted by Gallup-certified Strengths coach, Curt Mercadante, The Freedom Club podcast is about fighting for a life of freedom and fulfillment.

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New books Network Podcast Interviews Dr. Josh Luke 9 Steps To Financial Recovery

Healthcare is extremely expensive for both patients and their employers. The costs of healthcare continue to increase with no end in sight. Dr. Josh Luke is a former Hospital CEO, disruptor, and healthcare futurist who understands the American healthcare delivery system. In his book Health-Wealth: 9 Steps To Financial Recovery (ForbesBooks, 2018), he exposes the villains of greed and outlines steps to overcome them. He shows how to not let healthcare bankrupt your business with 9 simple steps. These steps show how to provide employees with personalized, specialized, and enhanced care while saving money on healthcare costs. Dr. Luke also talks about his experiences as both Hospital CEO and healthcare consumer. He even talks about why he was proud of his first one-star review on Amazon.

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