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3 Keys to Creating a Healthy Post-Pandemic Work Culture

In this keynote or breakout session Dr. Luke takes audiences on a compelling journey, showing them how the lessons learned from the pandemic can be applied to both their personal and professional lives. Drive profits and improve quality of life through these enhanced skillsets!

Key takeaways:

  • 4 lessons learned from the pandemic that will improve health, & strengthen families while driving profits and productivity in the workplace.
  • How to quickly identify required skill sets and leverage them in the new environment.
  • Seeing through the gloom and finding the secret to personal and professional success.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about presenting this program in-person or virtually. 

“If you’re planning a big event for your company and are looking for an engaging and humorous keynote speaker, I highly recommend Dr. Josh Luke. Not only is he entertaining but provided a lot of insight that are staff was able to put into action to increase sales and efficiency.”
Karen Taing
Director of Global Marketing, Meditab Software, Inc

When 2020 brought the worst global pandemic in over a century, many organizations struggled to adapt. But some individuals and organizations recognized the opportunities and thrived.

Rather than focus on the downside, these organizations seized the opportunities by enhancing existing skill sets and adding new ones.

What lessons can you learn from these exceptional examples?  And how can you elevate your own performance to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world?

Value added incentives included in the keynote package:

  1. Up to 250 copies of best selling book by Dr. Luke
  2. Pre event webinar exclusively for your members or team
  3. Executive interview to promote your event on Dr. Luke’s Top Healthcare Podcasts
  4. In addition to the keynote, a break-out session on topic of your choice (see breakout menu above)
  5. Dr. Luke will promote your event on social media: 

– 50,000 + Followers on Twitter & 38,000+ on LinkedIn 

About Dr. Josh Luke

If you are not already one of Dr. Luke’s 100,000+ social media followers or podcast listeners, let me tell you more about him! You may have heard what a great storyteller he is or how well he infuses humor into his keynotes, which led meeting planners to start introducing him as both an ‘Edutainer’ and a Futurist. 

Futurist? Let me explain. Dr. Luke became a hospital CEO at age 32 and served in that role for ten years. However in 2010, his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and shortly thereafter he became frustrated with the lack of pricing transparency in healthcare and left the C-suite to begin teaching at the University of Southern California and then authored four books on how to prepare for and save thousands annually on overpriced healthcare, three of which became Amazon #1 Best Sellers (in fact at each event he includes 250 free books for your attendees!). Dr. Luke shares engaging stories including how he became a whistleblower against two of the hospitals companies he worked for by turning them into the Federal government for potential fraud, and how his mother’s disease process and becoming a care giver for her during her final years of life brought his frustration over the healthcare delivery system to a boiling point. 

This combination of becoming a whistleblower and working in an industry that refused to share prices with consumers inspired him to pull back the curtain on the healthcare industry and encourage managers and executives in all industries to question their motive in key corporate decisions – and Do the Right Thing! Help your attendees learn how to create a corporate culture that rewards decisions that drives value, not those that take the high road.