Presentation to Human Resources & Financial Advisors

Hyper inflation in healthcare is killing the American dream. We shop for cars by comparing quality and price. We do the same when buying a home. Why don’t we shop healthcare? Well, because we’ve always been told that our insurance will pay for it. As long as we keep that attitude costs will continue to skyrocket.

This entertaining presentation identifies the connection between engaging in healthcare decisions and preserving wealth. It showcases how millennial culture can positively infect the home and workplace to not only shift the paradigm in America to a healthy living perspective, but at the same time drive your personal healthcare costs down by as much as 30%.

The key to reducing healthcare costs is to become an Engaged Healthcare Consumer. Healthcare has become unaffordable for the average American. It’s also bankrupting American business as the hyperinflation is out of control year over year. After conducting extensive research in preparation for authoring a book for Forbes, Dr. Luke discovered a true length between health and wealth, and developed a formula of proven tactics and practices that can save both individuals and businesses significant dollars on healthcare spending while living a healthier lifestyle! But until the individual becomes and EHC, it will never happen!

Three Take-Aways

  1. Attendees will understand that the only path to reducing personal and corporate healthcare costs is by individual engagement. Examples are provided of how an individual can reduce spending by thousands of dollars annually by taking just a few simple step.
  2. Attendees will learn how to create a Health-Wealth work culture that provides resources and encourages employees to become Engaged Healthcare Consumers.
  3. Attendees will hear a number of specific programs that can be implemented at their place of employment as part of their plan to assist employees in becoming Engaged Healthcare Consumers.