Do The Right Thing: Creating a Culture that Makes Smart Decisions instead of Safe Decisions

 Employees are hired to bring added value to organizations. But in most cases those same employees make decisions at work based on how it will impact them personally, not the organization. It has become a corporate epidemic. We all know managers, directors and executives who make decisions based almost solely on taking the high road and staying off the radar. It’s conservative decision making to avoid taking chances. This presentation will provide a few key approaches to avoiding a group-think culture where selfish decision making is acceptable and the norm, and includes personal stories, as well as engaging commentary and tactics that audience members can utilize to create a culture of value added decision making in their environment.

A few key audience take-aways include:    

– Create a culture where employees feel safe and are rewarded for doing what they were hired to do

– Rewarding team members willing to voice opposing views but support the ultimate decision

– Getting beneath the surface to identify how to avoid a culture of group-think

– Enhancing employee job descriptions” to assess if that team members contribution helped bring value to the overall organization

– Tactics to ensure creating a culture of value added decisions making

– Get beneath the surface to identify if long-term employees have fallen into the stay off the radar trap

Value-adds include:

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