Spend Less on Healthcare: The 3C’s to Immediate Savings

Your audience will leave with immediate steps to save $5,000 annually on family healthcare costs, and ten times that for their business

“If you’re planning a big event for your company and are looking for an engaging and humorous keynote speaker, I highly recommend Dr. Josh Luke. Not only is he entertaining but provided a lot of insight that are staff was able to put into action to increase sales and efficiency.”
Karen Taing
Director of Global Marketing, Meditab Software, Inc

Healthcare costs are bankrupting American families and businesses. Health benefits are the second largest expense in almost every business.  And the average family pays more than 23,000 annually for health insurance before getting a single prescription or seeing a single doctor. And that’s just for basic access. The key to reducing healthcare costs is to become an Engaged Healthcare Consumer. Dr. Luke introduces Ten Tips to Spend Less on Healthcare and has a formula guaranteed to save families $5,000 in the first year by eliminating wasteful healthcare spending. This epidemic has plagued American businesses and families for year. Dr. Luke shares  the three P’s to immediate savings, and includes handouts illustrating a simple formula for your family, association members and company to start saving today. 

Three Take-Aways

  1. Attendees will understand that the only path to reducing personal and corporate healthcare costs is by individual engagement. Examples are provided of how an individual can reduce spending by thousands of dollars annually by taking just a few simple steps. 
  2. Attendees will understand that becoming an Engaged Healthcare Consumer requires an individual to create a Plan based on Preventative Medicine tactics and Personalized Medicine Tactics (the three P’s). 
  3. Attendees will here a number of specific tactics they can implement as part of their plan to become an EHC.  When individual consumers become EHC’s, corporate healthcare spending is reduced as well. 

Value added incentives included in the keynote package:

  1. Up to 250 copies of best selling book by Dr. Luke
  2. Pre event webinar exclusively for your members or team
  3. Executive interview to promote your event on Dr. Luke’s Top Healthcare Podcasts
  4. In addition to the keynote, a break-out session on topic of your choice (see breakout menu above)
  5. Dr. Luke will promote your event on social media: 

– 50,000 + Followers on Twitter & 38,000+ on LinkedIn 

Handouts & Tools

– Ten Tips to Start Saving List with detailed instructions
– Video workshop to accompany tips
– Complementary access to audience to the Personal Healthcare Spending Reduction Tool ($69 value)

About the Speaker, Dr. Josh Luke

You may already be one of Dr. Luke’s 100,000+ social media followers or podcast listeners. Or you may have heard what a great storyteller he is or how well he infuses humor and valuable practical tips into his keynotes, which led meeting planners to start introducing him as both an ‘Edutainer’ and a Futurist. Dr. Luke became a hospital CEO at age 32 and served in that role for ten years. But shortly after his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2010 he became frustrated with the lack of accountability in healthcare and left the C-suite to become a writer, embark on a speaking career and teach at the University of Southern California. Three of those books became Amazon #1 Best Sellers (in fact at each event he includes 250 free books for your attendees!). Its 70% engaging stories, entertainment and humor, and 30% powerful yet practical content. But its 100% that your audience will leave with the 3 P’s to start savings for businesses, and ten tips to implement to save $5,000 for their family in just one year.