Millennials & Healthcare: One Critical Resume Mistake to Avoid, by Dr. Josh Luke

Dr. Luke writes about two of his favorite subjects for LinkedIn: Millennial culture & healthcare
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Healthcare, Sales, Hiring – 4 Sales mistakes to avoid, by Dr. Josh Luke

Written by Dr. Josh Luke for LinkedIn
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ForbesBooks Press Release:Health-Wealth by Dr. Josh Luke, Becomes Amazon #1 Best seller on Launch Day

As seen on, Official Press Release from ForbesBooks on Book Launch
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Featured Health-Wealth Article: Dr. Luke’s favorite local medical tourism article: Why one California county went surgery shopping

Dr. Luke favorite upporting the Health-Wealth tactic of medical tourism
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A Feature on Dr. Josh Luke on Linkedin #UNCONVENTIONAL: Dr. Josh Luke

As seen on LinkedIn written by social media influencer Manu Goswami
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Video Killed the LinkedIn Star, by Dr. Josh Luke

Co-written  for LinkedIn with social media influencer Manu Goswami
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Healthcare Bankrupting Your Company? Here’s What You Can Do About It

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January 22, 2018/by c1lfi Press Release: Forbes Coaches Council Members Release Books This Month Tweet

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Press Release Announcing Forbes Appointment Healthcare Futurist Dr. Josh Luke Releases New Book from Forbes Books on Reducing Healthcare Spending, Named to Forbes Coaches Council

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Quote from Dr. Luke on Early Career Tips You Need To Know

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A Promise to My Mom: Its Impact on your Business & Family Healthcare Costs, By Dr. Josh Luke

Written by Dr. Josh Luke for LinkedI
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Alzheimer’s: A Mothers Day Promise to my Mom, By Dr. Josh Luke

I was born at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in 1972. Doctors scrambled…
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