A Feature on Dr. Josh Luke on Linkedin #UNCONVENTIONAL: Dr. Josh Luke

By Manu Goswami

There is so much to say about Dr. Josh Luke. Best known these days for his ability to captivate audiences with his humour and entertaining personal stories, his healthcare genius, and his success as an author, I first wanted to share a few details about his much-anticipated book coming out titled “Health-Wealth: 9 Steps to Financial Recovery”. He is offering a special promotion for readers of this story – any readers who purchase this book between noon and 2 pm EST on Thursday January 18, 2018 will receive a free personalized copy of his prior book “Ex-Acute” mailed to them! Just forward the email receipt to Info@Health-Wealth.com.

Spending much of his time busy with speaking engagements, Dr. Luke has not always been a part of the keynote speaking world. There is much more to him than meets the eye, and his progression and story serve as an inspiration to those who know him. It is unconventional.

Having had the opportunity to speak at conferences, invitationals, and as a featured speaker in the Masters of LinkedIn Summit coming in May, Dr. Luke enjoys sharing his message to help people live their lives and be as informed as possible when making decisions that affect their healthcare. He has become the leading mind for the future of healthcare, and is motivated on a daily basis to improve the healthcare climate on a daily basis. He has earned the title as a “Healthcare Futurist” as his work has been truly influential.

Dr. Luke started his career as a jet-setting sports marketer working with some of the most famous athletes in the world. He enjoyed the lifestyle, and business was good. His brother Matt even played in the major leagues in the 1990s! He was intrigued by the glamor and the fame, until reality set in – his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Realizing he was in no position to help, right then and there he decided to change careers and become involved in the healthcare industry. Through is inherent grit and motivation, Dr. Luke ascended to become a hospital CEO at the young age of 32.

In his years as a hospital CEO, Dr. Luke successfully addressed the challenges and disconnects existing between different levels of care. He implemented revolutionary solutions that improved the post-discharge and readmission processes in his facility, and emphasized the importance of home and hospice care. Unfortunately, hospital ownership changed, and he was pushed out of his job after delivering results for 10 years. He lost his benefits, had no health insurance for himself or his family, and was dealt another blow – his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

As is his resilient nature, Dr. Luke penned his first book, “Readmission Prevention: Solutions Across the Provider Continuum”, where his ideas influenced components of ObamaCare. Becoming a best-selling author, Dr. Luke donated $25,000 to contribute to the fight against the disease that has stricken his family. His involvement in different Alzheimer’s related organizations has brought us closer than ever to finding a cure.

In his subsequent books, Dr. Luke made waves within healthcare, sharing ideas that were often seen as “brutally transparent, but credible”. By exposing the long-kept secrets of the healthcare trade, and helping businesses and families keep healthcare from bankrupting them, he approaches these sensitive topics enthusiastically to inform his audiences. Now an educator at the Price School of Public Policy at USC, Dr. Luke is arming the next generation of policy makers with his transparent views about the future of healthcare.

Dr. Luke told me, “Did you know that almost 50% of a millennials lifetime earnings will go to healthcare in America? This is tragic. I am a huge proponent of older generations accepting and growing comfortable with millennial culture as there is so much to learn. I have two slides specific to this in my presentation deck!” He went on to explain “my kids are Gen Z and I am beginning to research common tendencies of Gen Z young adults – the first batch graduates high school this year.” I think I speak for many when I say I can’t wait to see what he comes up with!

Dr. Josh Luke can best be found on LinkedIn or at DrJoshLuke.com. He is currently conducting a huge media and speaking tour to promote his next book “Health-Wealth: 9 Steps to Financial Recovery”, and enjoys being involved in mentorships. Dr. Luke’s ascension in healthcare is truly #unconventional, but it has been the perfect application for his brilliance.

Co-written by Brian Ford – https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-ford-711744b7/

Connect with Dr. Luke if his thoughts resonated with you, share them on Twitter and LinkedIn using the #UNCONVENTIONAL and follow along with the series! 

Healthcare Bankrupting Your Company? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Let’s start with few questions that could make or break your company in 2018.

1. What was your company’s health insurance premium increase for 2017? 10 to 15%? That’s about the norm. Year after year.

2. How much of that increase was passed on to employees? 8 to 10%? Usually done through creative measures, of course.

3. Is healthcare your second largest company expense or third? Other than salaries and occasionally real estate, it’s always in the top three expenses.

When will your company reach its tipping point on healthcare spending and say enough is enough? And who will be the brave, yet common-sensical executive to stand up and declare the tipping point has been breached? Is it you? If not, who?

Why is it, then, with healthcare, we often shrug our shoulders and sigh, “another year, another 15% increase,” (with reduced services each year, might I add)? Every company has executives in place to manage top expenses to ensure business success. Why not make 2018 the year that you no longer shrug your shoulders at the annual increase and do something about it?

Make 2018 the year your company makes reducing wasteful healthcare spending its top priority.

Companies that prioritize reducing healthcare spending are focusing on what’s known as consumer-driven healthcare — sometimes just called consumerism. Consumer-driven healthcare forces the employee to engage in making healthcare decisions and, as a result, saves significant money. Companies that prioritize consumer-driven healthcare are also creating a healthy corporate culture, one that encourages engaged healthcare consumers and healthy lifestyles; everything in these workplaces is designed to support these initiatives.

Many Americans are familiar with high-deductible insurance plans. While on the surface, these new plans appear as if companies are simply shifting costs to employees, the truth is that there is a significant opportunity for the employee and employer to save thousands annually over prior years if the employee actually engages in the process as they would buying a car or house. If the employee does not engage in the process, healthcare costs will continue to skyrocket for the employee and employer.

Consumer-driven healthcare requires companies to support employees in identifying centers of excellence — either doctors or hospitals. These centers not only provide great quality care but are contracted to provide services at much lower rates. Organizations provide a list of these centers to employees, and savings would benefit both the employee and the employer.

Another example is medical tourism. No, not flying to Costa Rica for a procedure, but driving an extra hour or two to save anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 on a simple procedure. Santa Barbara County in California, for example, is contracted to provide all of its knee and hip surgeries at hospitals three hours south in San Diego, or employees can take a plane trip north to Seattle. When employees choose this option, they get a five-day, expenses-paid trip at a nice resort to recover as well. This example alone illustrates the disparity in costs between providers.

Other employers and communities are implementing DNA testing programs as well as new offerings that encourage telehealth and remote monitoring. There are steep discounts for employees who choose those offerings. Geisinger in Pennsylvania and the Desert Research Institute in Reno, Nevada were both overwhelmed with consumer interest when they launched their programs.

In addition to these examples, a number of specialized programs have emerged nationwide that are being offered to companies to reduce spending on their heaviest users. The list of medical service providers who come in and partner with a company as an additional layer is growing by the month, saving corporations thousands by simply enhancing the services available to their chronically ill patients and those with diabetes and other expensive diseases.

These specialized programs have put an end to a number of companies’ annual increase in healthcare spending. While many of the programs are still a well-kept secret, there are enough of them with proven track records that almost every company can identify one or two that will be an appropriate fit for savings, and the services are all provided.

Some of the most well-known companies helping corporations bend the hyperinflating healthcare cost curve include Canary Health, HealthEquity, Hixme, Quantum Health, Livongo, Omada Health, PeerWell, Transcend and many more. Before running out to research them each directly, conduct an assessment to best determine which will best fit your company’s needs, culture and community.

With this in mind, I’ll ask another question. Is healthcare bankrupting your business? If not now, when? And if not you, then who will be the leader who steps up to declare the tipping point and begins the journey for your company? The time is now, and the resources are here.

So as you carry out your New Year’s resolutions, will you be the leader who makes healthcare spending your company’s top priority in 2018? Your people depend on it.

Forbes.com Press Release: Forbes Coaches Council Members Release Books This Month Tweet

In this news roundup, read about the books members released in the first few weeks of 2018.

To kick off the new year, these members of Forbes Coaches Council are excited to announce the launch of their books — on topics ranging from developing effective leaders to understanding the healthcare system. Below, we highlight two members and their big news.

Karima Mariama-Arthur Releases New Book, Poised For Excellence

Karima Mariama-Arthur

On January 8, Karima Mariama-Arthurreleased her new book, Poised for Excellence, which offers actionable insights on leadership effectiveness in the boardroom and beyond. In today’s constantly evolving global business ecosystem, the need to develop effective leaders is more important than ever. Organizations all around the world are searching for smart ways to build and maintain their talent pipelines. Individuals are eager to capture key skill sets to help them advance their careers and gain a competitive advantage. In Poised For Excellence, Karima shares her insights on this global challenge.

Karima is founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, an international consulting firm specializing in professional development. In her work with high performers and high potentials, as well as leading organizations around the world, Karima has observed firsthand how the principles of effective leadership can impact success at every level. She views leadership as a dynamic and complex skill set that can be developed and improved with continued practice.

In the book – available now on Amazon and Palgrave Macmillan– Karima offers astute guidance on how to develop leadership skills by mastering the principles that address performance challenges at every level and help to increase overall effectiveness.

Dr. Josh Luke Releases Book, Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery

Dr. Josh Luke

Today, Dr. Josh Luke releases his third book, titled Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery. The book is being released by Forbes Books, which will be hosting a launch party at private NYC club Forbes on 5th on January 25.

This book will be followed by the September 2018 release of Health-Wealth: Is healthcare bankrupting your Family? 9 options to save $5,000 a year.

Luke is on a mission to help American businesses and families understand how the healthcare system became broken beyond repair. He exposes the underbelly of a broken healthcare delivery system. Since resigning as a hospital CEO and becoming a full time keynote speaker, Luke has spoken to Fortune 500 Companies, national trade organizations, sales teams and churches – all with the same message: teaching Americans how to make healthcare affordable again.

Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery is available on Amazon. His prior book was an Amazon bestseller. Luke also launched the Health-Wealth podcastearlier this month.

Read more about this exciting news here.

These are just a handful of Forbes Councils members’ recent exciting achievements. Read about what other members are working on here

Press Release Announcing Forbes Appointment Healthcare Futurist Dr. Josh Luke Releases New Book from Forbes Books on Reducing Healthcare Spending, Named to Forbes Coaches Council

— Forbes inks former hospital CEO, Amazon #1 Best Seller and USC faculty member to ink groundbreaking book teaching American businesses how to reduce spending on healthcare –

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Forbes Books announces the third release from former hospital CEO Dr. Josh Luke titled Health-Wealth: Is healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery.  Health-Wealth exposes secrets of the healthcare industry in the name of reducing healthcare costs and provides a turn-key guide for corporations to begin saving up to 30 percent annually. Luke’s prior book, Ex-Acute: A former hospital CEO tells all reached #1 on Amazon’s best seller list and helps Americans learn how to save thousands on healthcare.

Health-Wealth from Forbes Books, by Amazon #1 Best Seller Dr. Josh Luke is available on Amazon on Thursday, January 18, 2018. Dr. Luke, a former hospital CEO and faculty member at the University of Southern California is a public speaker and well known as America’s Healthcare Affordability Authority and teaches businesses how to reduce healthcare spending while enhancing offerings.

Steve Forbes will join Dr. Luke as Luke embarks on a launch week that includes presenting to a distinguished group of Fortune 500 executives and top media at Forbes on 5th private club in New York City prior to the launch party and a photo shoot in Times Square where the book will be featured on the big screen.

“I am honored that Forbes recruited me to publish Health-Wealth and invited me to be a featured contributor,” Dr. Luke said. “There are businesses that have proven that you can reduce healthcare costs for your company and employees, but they remain a well-kept secret. I scoured the country and identified nine simple steps for companies to end the annual 10% health insurance premium increase.”

Luke, who is well-known as a LinkedIn featured writer and personality is now also a featured columnist and blogger on Forbes.com. He is a well-known keynote speaker and podcast host known as America’s Healthcare Affordability Authority.

“Forbes Books relayed to me that Health-Wealth has a realistic shot of jumping onto the best seller list on launch day so has asked me to encourage anyone planning to buy the book to do so between 1:00-3:00 pm EST on January 18, 2018. We will mail a signed copy of my prior book to anyone who purchases in that time frame.”

To receive the free book individuals need to forward proof of purchase email time stamped between 1-3 pm EST on January 18, 2018 to Info@Health-Wealth.com. To listen to the podcast or learn more about Health-Wealth, visit www.Health-Wealth.com.

Andy Shearer
(917) 742-9795

SOURCE Dr. Josh Luke

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Full link to press release here.  

A Promise to My Mom: Its Impact on your Business & Family Healthcare Costs, By Dr. Josh Luke

Many of you wrote & commented on my LinkedIn video with my mom from the hospital last week. Thank you. Here is the back story…

My mom is a fighter. Always has been.

A few years ago on Mother’s Day I penned a feature about my relationship with my mom that appeared in the Orange County Register newspaper local editions.

I wrote the story with her consent. Her consent based on a promise I made to her, my mom. The best friend a son could ever ask for.

I was born premature. My trachea and esophagus were not fully developed. I had a feeding tube inserted and had several bouts with pneumonia in my first few weeks of life. Each night doctors would tell my parents to go home for the night and pray that I would make it through the night.

This is the promise I made to my mom. This is the goal I will remain focused on: Raising money for Alzheimer’s research & ensuring Americans have affordable access to healthcare services.

Each night, my mom stayed and fought. She fought in every way she knew how. She slept under my crib. She prayed. She nurtured. And she loved. This continued off-and-on for 12 months.

Mom set the tone. Even before I knew what setting the tone even meant.

My mom is the matriarch of our family and she fought for her causes.

So at a young age I came to understand that whether on a hospital wristband or the back of a baseball jersey, if the last name was ‘Luke’ then prepare for a fight.

That’s just how we roll.

Then, in 2010 mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. We knew we had a new fight on our hands. We knew that mom’s gifts and lessons to us would now need to be put to action. And as her youngest son I wouldn’t have had it any other way. A few months after the diagnosis, I took my mom to lunch — just the two of us.

We laughed. We cried. We reflected. I held her hand. I asked how I could support her. And then I committed.

Mom acknowledged that she was aware of her diagnosis and that she had many moments of confusion and even more moments of anxiety and embarrassment.

She had lived an amazing life. She deserved so much better.

My way of fighting for and returning the favor by ‘sleeping under her crib’ is by bringing awareness to the causes that impacted her and led to her premature demise. I committed this to her. We discussed the fight that laid before her, and with my experience in healthcare that I could use the gifts she passed on to me to wage this war.

This war on healthcare affordability and access. This war on Alzheimer’s Disease that is nowhere near a cure.

Soon after I founded a not-for-profit in honor of my mom, and was appointed to the Orange County Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association Advisory Board. I then penned a book helping families navigate through the aging process. Proceeds from the book are donated to support Alzheimer’s.

And, in January 2018 when my new book Health-Wealth is released I am hopeful it will bring attention to Alzheimer’s causes. I am a keynote presenter for a living. Even though I am best known for my humor and storytelling, it is the message of healthcare affordability and access that audiences seem to appreciate most. I was fortunate to have access to many well kept healthcare industry secrets in my ten years as a hospital CEO. Now I share these secrets with American businesses and individuals with the hope of making basic healthcare services accessible and affordable.

Thanks Mom. I’ll always love you and fight for the causes you fought for. And per your wish, I’ll use every gift and value you bestowed upon me to accomplish this.

We can’t let healthcare bankrupt the American dream, and its well on track to do that.

In 2017 Forbes Books recruited me to write a book teaching American businesses and family’s how to save thousands annually on healthcare. They were convicted in their belief that I was the ideal person to write this book based on my experience as a hospital CEO, author and faculty member at USC.

It was the confidence those Forbes Books executives showed in me that convinced me to invest in the project, and actually research and write a book on healthcare affordability – which I coined as Health-Wealth.

In January 2018, I will release Health-Wealth: Is healthcare bankrupting your business? 9 steps to financial recovery. This book teaches businesses how to drastically reduce spending on healthcare. In September 2018, I will follow that book up with a new book targeting individuals and families, teaching them how to reduce personal spending on healthcare – and still access the best doctors, hospitals and services. This books tentative title will be Health-Wealth: Is healthcare bankrupting your Family? 5 ways to save $5,000 annually.

And all proceeds from each will go to our not-for-profit that supports Alzheimer’s causes.

This is the promise I made to my mom. This is the goal I will remain focused on: Raising money for Alzheimer’s research and ensuring Americans have affordable access to healthcare services.

We have a long way to go on both.

So as hard as it is to share stories about my mom as her disease progresses to the final stages, I will keep fighting. I will stay true to my word. I will honor my mom by honoring her values.

Thanks Mom. I’ll always love you and fight for the causes you fought for. And per your wish, I’ll use every gift and value you bestowed upon me to accomplish this.

In honor of Vicki Ann Luke.

Here is the link to the video I posted on LinkedIn that went viral.