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The Importance of Posting Content on LinkedIn

If you’re not posting content on LinkedIn, you are not leveraging all that the platform has to offer. Whether you’re a job seeker, an entrepreneur, or just looking to build your personal brand, you have to post. Forbes Coaches Council members Dr. Josh Luke and Lakrisha Davis share their insights and experience on the platform.

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Episode 44 Interview With Whitney Johnson
Author and Social Media Disruptor

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Author and Social Media Disruptor Whitney Johnson, @JohnsonWhitney with more than 1.5 million LinkedIn Followers has twice been named a Top Influencer by LinkedIn and joins the Health-Wealth Podcast to share her heartfelt story of being faced with no health insurance, as well as how she became a leading social media influencer.

Author of the books, Disrupt Yourself, Build an A-Team and Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney also hosts the Disrupt Yourself Podcast and shares her 7 Point framework for Personal Disruption.

The Freedom Club Podcast Interviews Dr. Josh Luke
Health-Wealth and your financial freedom

Hosted by Gallup-certified Strengths coach, Curt Mercadante, The Freedom Club podcast is about fighting for a life of freedom and fulfillment.

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New books Network Podcast Interviews Dr. Josh Luke
9 Steps To Financial Recovery

Healthcare is extremely expensive for both patients and their employers. The costs of healthcare continue to increase with no end in sight. Dr. Josh Luke is a former Hospital CEO, disruptor, and healthcare futurist who understands the American healthcare delivery system. In his book Health-Wealth: 9 Steps To Financial Recovery (ForbesBooks, 2018), he exposes the villains of greed and outlines steps to overcome them. He shows how to not let healthcare bankrupt your business with 9 simple steps. These steps show how to provide employees with personalized, specialized, and enhanced care while saving money on healthcare costs. Dr. Luke also talks about his experiences as both Hospital CEO and healthcare consumer. He even talks about why he was proud of his first one-star review on Amazon.

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The PopHealth Podcast Interviews Dr. Josh Luke
Dr. Luke put on the spot about being Controversial by Choice

Healthcare is a multi-trillion dollar industry in the United States, and yet many people are completely unaware of the brilliant people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to improve access, lower costs and improve patient outcomes. Welcome to PopHealth Podcast, the show by healthcare professionals that explores the challenges facing the American Healthcare system through the perspectives of the innovative minds looking to solve them and move the industry into the future. We invite thought-leaders and influencers from throughout the continuum of care to discuss population health; from elected officials tasked with setting public policy, to clinicians who treat patients in every conceivable condition and social situation, to ground-breaking business leaders who are creating ways to connect and streamline the delivery of care to an ever-growing and diverse nation.

Listen to Dr. Luke’s episode here.

Red Hot Healthcare Podcast Interviews Dr. Luke
Transformation & The Future of Healthcare

Veteran hospital CEO Dr. Josh Luke is Compliagent’s Chief Strategy Officer; a healthcare futurist; and a national thought-leader and international speaker on care coordination, population health management, readmission prevention and the health system of the future. He is regarded as a “futurist” on the Affordable Care Act and how it will shape the continuum of care and has been described as an innovator, forward-thinking and a strategist on teaching ACO’s, BPCI’s, acute hospitals and post-acute leaders how to position themselves for revenue growth in a post-ACA model.

Dr. Josh Luke on Utilizing LinkedIn and Marketing in Healthcare

Dr. Josh Luke is a healthcare futurist and former hospital CEO whose expertise includes sharing simple tactics on how to make health care more affordable, as well as how to get access to the best doctors and hospitals. Dr. Luke started his career as a jet-setting sports marketer and then, after a career change to healthcare brought on by his grandmother’s disease process, he ascended to become a hospital CEO by age 32. Soon after he penned his first book and became a best-selling author. He now finds solace in sharing his experiences as a caretaker for his mom and being without health insurance for his family for a short time has given him a deeply emotional understanding of the other side of care delivery.