EP05:CBS News Anchor Jill Schlesinger of Jill on Money Talks about her new book, The Dumb Things Smart People do With Their Money

CBS News Anchor Jill Schlesinger of Jill on Money Talks about her new book, “The Dumb Things Smart People do With Their Money.” After finishing a grad degree in Economics from Wharton, Jill started her career on Wall Street before becoming a radio host, television news anchor, host of the Jill on Money Podcast and now a published author. Jill shares ideas on how to preserve your wealth!

EP04: Top Podcasters Series Amber Romaniuk host of “The No Sugar Added Podcast”

Find out why balance is a bigger priority than dieting as healthy eating expert Amber Romaniuk joins the program on this episode of Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room.

EP03: CNBC Health & Tech Reporter Christina Farr is Featured in the Influencer Series on Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room

CNBC Tech & Health Reporter Christina Farr tells How She Picks Story Topics from the Hundreds of Pitches Daily. Want to know which health tech products and companies are legit? Christina Farr is the one to follow. Listen into this podcast to hear why venture capitalist are missing on healthcare and why they have moved on to tech!

EP02: Health-Wealth Certified Enhanced Benefits Expert Eric Silverman Shares his Matching Employers with the Most Appropriate Enhanced Benefit Packages

Enhanced benefits Adviser of the Year Eric Silverman shares his personal story on how he emerged as a national leader on matching employers with the most appropriate enhanced benefit packages. You may have seen him talking enhanced health benies on LinkedIn or Twitter, now hear him on Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room!

EP01: Welcome to Dr. Luke’s Waiting Room

Longtime hospital CEO, award winning futurist, podcast host & three time best selling author Dr. Josh Luke welcomes listeners as he launches his new podcast focused on reducing healthcare spending for Americans and businesses, transforming healthcare delivery, and sharing personalized and preventative medicine tactics. Dr. Luke interviews benefits advisers, brokers, healthcare executives, human resources executives and social media influencers and together they share strategies to help Americans navigate the daunting healthcare delivery system.