The Association Health Virtual Roundtable with
Dr. Josh Luke

Moderator: Dr. Josh Luke

At the next Association Roundtable we are going to discuss: Certification Boom! Is there value or revenue in all these certifications

One of the ways Associations attempted to stay financially healthy during the pandemic was by bringing new offerings to members – specifically a new wave of certifications. While many of these new online or hybrid programs provide expertise on new issues as a result of the pandemic, individuals and members are now left wondering which of the many certifications offered have true value? Our panelists discuss the growth of certification offerings and how to know if a certification truly brings added value. Join us!

Dan Bond, President & CEO, Synthetic Turf Council

Liliana Arguello, Membership Director for PIHRA

Ed Rigsbee, Association Speaker & Host of NSA Cigar Peg

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How healthy is your Association? Are new memberships and renewals up? Members businesses still experiencing skyrocketing healthcare costs for their employees? Is there a healthy outlook for your events in 2021? Be a part of the new monthly Association Health Roundtable.


  • Joseph Ricci, CAE, TRSA President & CEO
  • Mary Lue Peck, CEO, National Speakers Association
  • Donte P. Shannon, AMPED Association Management
  • Susan Robertson, CAE, President and CEO, ASAE


At this month’s Association Roundtable we are going to discuss with association executives how the pandemic has shifted their thinking around live events and how they see these important member events evolving in both the near and long term. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Are associations likely to ditch virtual and hybrid events and go back to in-person only?
  • What did a year of not having in-person events teach us about their importance to members?
  • How will virtual and hybrid events impact the effectiveness and attendance at in-person programs going forward?


  • Lauren Ford, LMSW, Director of Program Research, Development and Policy Home Care Association of New York
  • Aaron Wolowiec, CAE, CMP, CTF/MT, CDP President & CEO | Event Garde
  • Beth Surmont, CAE, CMP, Vice President Business Event Strategy & Design 360 | LIVE MEDIA