Your business has taken productive steps toward corporate Health-Wealth, but further action may be necessary to achieve financial recovery.

Based on your responses, your business has taken preliminary steps to begin the journey to reducing wasteful healthcare spending, but could further benefit from more aggressive prioritization and specialized programs that best fit your organizational culture and community. provides three primary resources to assist your organization in your journey to Health-Wealth. First, if you have not read the book Health-Wealth: Is Healthcare Bankrupting Your Business? 9 Steps to Financial Recovery, you can begin there or with the 9 Steps to Corporate Health-Wealth Interactive Series. If you are ready for a full review and comprehensive plan for your organization to begin its journey toward saving thousands annually, contact Health-Wealth Partners to request the Comprehensive Loss Assessment and Review, which is a useful tool in identifying which of the nine steps and private providers would likely be the best fit for your organization. 

All three resources are available at Email for information on the HW Partners Comprehensive Loss Assessment Tool.